Shawn and I have officially done 2,000 miles total!

A hundred of which were yesterday!

Which makes my first century. I never thought my first century would be with a loaded bicycle, but there you are. We’ve arrived in Edmonton, where we’re staying with our friend Keith. (How I know Keith is an interesting story–he’s the fiancee of a former roommate, and they met online.)

It helps that the road into Edmonton is mostly a very slight downhill with a few rolling hills, and that for some of it we had a tailwind. We also got rain dumped on us twice, but whatever.

Anyway, just checking in for now. I’ll write more later.

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2 Responses to Milestones!

  1. Chris says:

    I’m assuming a “Century* is your first 100 mile ride?
    P.S. Love you April! I seriously admire you being able to do this cross country ride! Way more awesome then anything I’ve done.

    BE SAFE, I have been following this blog, will keep watchin from afar!

    • Yup! A century is indeed a hundred miles

      Aw, shucks. You’ve started riding a bike, you’ll be doing longer distances at some point I’m sure. Maybe do the Portland Century together next year? It’s an organized ride, you pay to do it but you’re with lots of other people, and they have all these stops with food and stuff. I think it’s in August.

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