We keep putting off leaving Edmonton. Tomorrow for sure! No, really! Seriously! Good lord, we’ve been here a whole week. It’s the longest we’ve spent anywhere.

Part of it is that warm summery days can make a person feel lazy (warm, not hot: I don’t think it’s gone above 80F during our stay, which is very nice). Part of it is that Keith’s house feels like home to us somehow…maybe because we’ve known him a while? Because he’s been a guest where I’ve lived before? (He was there to see my now-former roommate, to whom he’s getting married in just a few weeks). I don’t know.

Speaking of feeling at home: Within a day of arriving I went to my first Critical Mass ride, which was a lot of fun. It was casual and non-confrontational and there was a good diversity of cyclists and one rider had a stereo setup with an eclectic mix of music. And apparently a bunch of people in Edmonton had found out about me and Shawn via Keith and had been reading our blogs and wanted to meet us! And that’s how we fell into a group of super-awesome people that we saw repeatedly throughout our stay in Edmonton. We went on bicycle rides, we went out to eat a few times and had one lovely picnic, we hung around the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society bike shop, and I just generally got to know some rad folks. I couldn’t help but try and convince them all to visit Portland.

There was one experience we had that’s just too funny not to share: Shawn, Keith, and I are waiting at a stoplight when a gentleman pulls up on an Electra Townie with suspension and an internal gear hub. He proceeds to tell us, with a slightly-drunk Latino accent, how much he LOVES his bicycle. “Every ride is like an orgasm!” he said, while making a vaguely humping motion. I have never seen someone so enthusiastically positive about an Electra Townie. I have…opinions…on Electra Townies. But if someone loves theirs, then god bless’em.

In saddle news: After talking to lots of people, I’ve given up on the Brooks and I’m selling it (it’s on the bike of a friend right now as she tries it out), and at MEC today I bought a Terry saddle. Keith put it on the bicycle while doing a few tune-up type things (’cause he’s awesome like that) and it was love at first ride. Not too wide or narrow, not too hard or soft, the cut-out is in the right place. Aahhhhh. We’ll see how it does on 80+ mile days, but I’m optimistic.

Does anybody else find it odd that for newbie/casual riders they sell thin (or nonexistent) padded shorts and super-squishy saddles, and for hardcore riders they sell hard saddles and super-squishy padded shorts? I mean, what the hell? (For the record, I prefer shorts with really thin lining. Like these, which I also bought today.)

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9 Responses to Edmonton!

  1. Todd says:

    …It’s like Coke vs Pepsi.

  2. browse says:

    I’ve never tried a Brooks saddle, but I tried about a dozen other last Summer, before finally settling on a Terry saddle. So far, that’s the one I’ve been happiest with. And Bobo is a huge fan of theirs too. It’s a shame so few of the LBS seem to carry them.

  3. MelissaTheRagamuffin says:

    What was it that you didn’t like about the Brooks?

    • It put pressure on my labia. If I rode on the brake hoods or in the drops, it felt like most of my weight was resting directly on my genitals, no matter how I changed the position of the saddle.

  4. rekre8 says:

    Since the newbies have the super squishy saddles, they don’t need much in the shorts department. And a newbie doesn’t necessarily get padded shorts at all, so the saddle needs to have the super squishy – because if you are only doing 1 ride a month, you don’t actually build up the muscles that make the uber-squish uncomfortable. That logic isn’t flawed.

  5. April, it was SO lovely to meet you and Shawn – and I really hope the new saddle is working better for you than the Brooks did. I hope to take you up on that invitation to come check out Portland soon. =) All the best as you guys continue on your trip of a lifetime.

    @MelissaTheRagamuffin, have you seen Velouria’s post on womens’ saddles and fitting issues at Lovely Bicycle? Yeah, that. April was incredibly stoic about it when we met, but, owwww.

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