Ah, yes, the old-fashioned Links page. Reminds me of back when people first started doing their own websites, and people would join webrings and stuff.

This page is likely to be perpetually a work in progress, and is never going to be truly exhaustive.

Shawn and Me!
Urban Adventure League, aka the blog of my boyfriend Shawn. We’re doing this Big Trip together, and sometimes we write about different things, or write about the same things differently.
Shawn’s flickr account: He has the nicer camera, and he takes plenty of photos!
My flickr, not updated as often, and I just have a cell phone camera right now.
Our Indiegogo site, if you want to donate to our Big Trip!

General websites
Adventure Cycling, originally known as Bikecentennial, is a non-profit helping people travel by bicycle. Great people, great maps, great magazine!
Warmshowers, kinda like couchsurfing but specifically for cycle tourists. So far everyone has been welcoming and generous.
How Not to Get Hit by Cars. Written with city and suburban riding in mind. I wish I could make everyone read this, whether a cyclist or not.

Lovely Bicycle! This blog probably starts more conversations between me and Shawn than any other. The author started as a purely transportation cyclist, and now, in addition, also rides pacelines and is thinking of racing. I sometimes disagree with her and I sometimes think she’s spot-on, and I have to remind myself not to comment on every single post!
BikeSnobNYC. Hilariously poking fun at the cycling world and everyone in it, including himself.
Copenhagenize is written by a very opinionated (aren’t we all?) Danish gentleman. Lots of stuff on how to make cities more friendly to people on bicycles. And if you’ve ever wondered why some people are anti-helmet, he’s got some good info.
BikePortland is a excellent source for news about cycling and transportation in Portland and elsewhere.
Path Less Pedaled is written by Russ and Laura, who have been traveling via bicycle for a couple of years. They recently left for another leg of their trip, and now they’re on folding Bromptons!

There are lots of other good blogs out there, but I haven’t had time to keep up with them lately! I might add them later.

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