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Songs about bicycles

I generally try to have everything on this blog be original. There are many entertaining and thought-provoking things to post that I’ve seen elsewhere, but I figure that most people who read this blog are either: 1. Fellow cyclists, and … Continue reading

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Ding! Ding!

When I started riding the Raleigh as my everyday bicycle again, I noticed that my bell was dinging constantly. It’s the kind that goes “brrring brrring” and I got it at the Tour de Fat in 2007. It has the … Continue reading

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Raleigh Improvements

So as I’ve posted about before, I have a 1961 Lady’s Raleigh Sports that I adore. I lent it to my friend Katrina while on the Big Trip, and got it back a couple months ago. My friend Keith (whom … Continue reading

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New Year’s Goals

I’ve decided that rather than New Year’s resolutions, I’ll have goals. These are the ones that are bicycle-related. My goals for this year: *To have three bicycles: 1. Miz Raleigh, who’s recently had some changes that I’ll document in another … Continue reading

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