Songs about bicycles

I generally try to have everything on this blog be original. There are many entertaining and thought-provoking things to post that I’ve seen elsewhere, but I figure that most people who read this blog are either: 1. Fellow cyclists, and therefore read other bicycle blogs, or 2. People who read the blog because they know me (hi Mom!) and might not be that interested in things like advocacy or lists of rules for female cyclists in 1895 (seriously, EVERYONE posted that one, it seemed like).

So even if a blog post is really thought-provoking, I generally just leave a comment on their blog, instead of making a post about it here. It’s not a hard and fast rule, though.

And today, y’know what? I just want to be silly. So I’m going to post youtube videos for songs about bicycles. Because they’re fun.

VIDEO NUMBER ONE: The Bike Song by Mark Ronson & The Business Intl
Filmed in France. That automatically makes it fancier.

VIDEO NUMBER TWO: I Found A Bike Today by Francobollo
At 44 seconds in, he puts his foot on the pedal, and it makes that “thunk” when it engages that just says “old three-speed” to me. Love. Just in general, this is probably my favorite of the bunch in terms of the video itself, even if both this and the first video have a lot of themes in common.

VIDEO NUMBER THREE: FussVomGass by Skero
Okay, honestly? I have no idea what they’re saying for 99% of the video because, um, it’s in German. I like it anyway. I just pick out words like “cruiser” and “critical mass.” (If you speak German, feel free to translate?) I’ve been told that it was filmed in Vienna.

VIDEO NUMBER FOUR: Bicycle Race by Queen
A true classic. I always sing this when I go out for karaoke. Preferably while wearing my helmet or rain jacket. Warning! Not safe for work because of naked ladies on ten-speeds.

Got any others? Feel free to share!

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7 Responses to Songs about bicycles

  1. fasterthanme says:

    Dukes of the Stratosphere…aka XTC has this little ditty.


  2. Jason Lang says:

    Flobots – Handlebars. Hiphop that even Gen-Xers like.

  3. Yes, Really Nice Bike Song.. i had never heard it before.

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