Pulling hairs!

Today is the day Shawn and I are putting everything in a U-Haul to store in a friend’s garage. Except that, of course, we’re nowhere near done packing.

Packing up is always reminds me that a good 90% of my non-furniture/non-shared items consist of books and clothes. Books and clothes and books and clothes and books! and clothes!

Today was our original leave date, we pushed it back a day so we could get more done before we left, but despite our occasional attempts to start packing, sure enough, it’s all down to the wire.

In retrospect, I should have asked if any friends wanted to come over and help us out, but with the furniture still in place it’s hard enough for Shawn and I get to room to move around. He’s busy getting the U-Haul, and we’ll put what we’ve got already packed up in there, and it’ll give us a much better sense of momentum, I think, plus give us a lot more room to work.

Ack! Shawn’s back, with more boxes from the liquor store. Time to get moving!

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4 Responses to Pulling hairs!

  1. Correction Fluid says:

    this last winter, there was a rumor that I would be spending a year in Tanzania. Jumping the gun on the details, I frantically piled things around in my apartment that would be given to SCRAP or Goodwill or taken to Powells. My goal was that I only needed to get a tiny storage unit for things like my instruments and artwork.

    Fast forward ahead to now that I am not going and post bike move. I have a lot of shit that I have absolutely no need of. This makes me really sad because it makes me realize that a) I really love stuff and b) stuff is kind of cluttering up my life

    Hopefully you’ve seen this as an opportunity to shed some things that you’ve not needed since moving into your new apartment – and especially now that you’ve realized what a bugger it is to pack it all up for your adventure!

    I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you off at your farewell get-together. School and work and living on the opposite side of town made it too difficult to fit in.

    Much love for you and Shawn on your journey!

  2. OMG, Shawn driving? Get photos! 😉

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