New Year’s Goals

I’ve decided that rather than New Year’s resolutions, I’ll have goals. These are the ones that are bicycle-related.

My goals for this year:

*To have three bicycles:
1. Miz Raleigh, who’s recently had some changes that I’ll document in another post.
2. A drop-bar bicycle for touring and randonneuring that has been professionally fitted. I love my Novara, but it’s probably too small. And if it turns out I’d benefit from a custom frame, I’d like to know, ’cause right now I’m half convinced that nothing off the shelf will fit me.
3. A city bike. What I want is something with the functionality of a Dutch bike but lighter and faster. My current thoughts are to buy an older (as in mid-1980’s) light-ish steel mixte frame like a Nishiki or Univega or Raleigh, and put on an internal gear hub, full chain guard, rear rack, skirt guard (I might crochet this), upright handlebars, fenders, maybe drum brakes (possibly even a rear coaster brake), maybe a small front basket. Something that allows me to hop on while wearing heels and a full skirt to bike across town without a second thought. Part of me wants to get super-fancy with this–new powder-coat paint! Fancy hammered aluminum fenders! But I worry that it’ll take away from the everyday-ness of the bike and be too precious.

*Have generator lighting (at least in front) on all my bicycles.

*Learn how the hell chains work so that I’ll never again be stuck hitch-hiking in Saskatchewan because my chain is broken. Not that I see myself biking through Saskatchewan again anytime soon.

*Do more long rides outside of touring. More specifically, train for a 200k brevet. This is part of why I want a fitting–I want to be able to ride longer distances comfortably. And if I feel okay after the 200k, try for a 300k. Join the RUSA.

*Do an overnight trip on Miz Raleigh.


*Blog more. Hah.

In other news! Shawn and I went to the cabins at Stub Stewart with friends for New Year’s for the second time in a row. No snow this year, alas. Here’s a photo of me, taken by Shawn, on a former old railroad trestle:

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5 Responses to New Year’s Goals

  1. Darin says:

    Good luck with all your goals and please make sure to blog more. You can’t let Shawn do all of the talking 🙂

  2. Vicki says:

    This is a great idea to have bicycle related resolutions, I might make some of my own!

  3. Erin B says:

    If you figure out that chain thing, please let us know! It’s the one thing that I can’t do that really bothers me.

  4. ana says:

    I have a mid-80s Raleigh “Wisp” mixte which is my favorite bike ever. If you can find one, I highly recommend it. Pics of her transformation are here:

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