A taste of awesome-sauce

Yesterday evening, like many folks, I went to a Halloween party.

My costume was a dust bunny. I wore a floofy petticoat skirt and mismatched gray and white socks and put cornstarch on my face and hair and wore bunny ears.

When I was on my way to the party, I was wearing the navy blue wool coat I wear pretty much all winter. (In this picture I’m wearing it with the same petticoat, plus a skirt.) As I biked past the food carts on SE 12th and Hawthorne, a woman saw me and started singing the theme song for the Wicked Witch of the West.

I laughed and yelled back, “Wrong costume!” but honestly? That lady made my night.

It was also a lot of fun to see all the people going to other parties, even if I couldn’t make out what their costume was. And the weather was warmer than I was expecting, yay!

In other news, I plan to start doing posts about various items I used/took with me on the trip, among other things. If there’s something specific you are curious about, please let me know!

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