Moving on from one bike to another

So, two big things happened in my bike world today.

The first is that I sold the Miyata. After my brother decided not to buy it, I made a post to Craigslist. I dunno if it was the timing or the semi-silly way I wrote it, but I had ten replies in a day, and an hour ago a nice gentleman came buy and basically paid what I was asking. He is definitely a bicycle aficionado; he admitted to owning about 13 bikes, including a Miyata 610 and “a few” Rivendells. He was buying the bike for his daughter, who’d lost her bike (but managed to miraculously be uninjured) in a hit-and-run. I was sad to see the bike go in some ways, but I’m glad to sell it to someone who appreciates the bike, and I’m even more glad to know someone will be riding it.

Plus, the amount he paid for it covers the upgrades to the Novara with exactly $5 to spare. Bar-end shifters, it turns out, are not cheap. Yowza!

I brought the Novara home today with the new handlebars and derailers and shifters. In some ways it feels like New Bike Day for me, because the bike is finally really rideable. I need to put my toe cages on it, as well as the rear rack I have sitting around that originally came off the mixte, before leaving on an overnight trip tomorrow with friends. I have a good feeling about the handlebars! They are sooo comfy in the drops. I’ll wait to wrap them in bar tape until I know for sure that the levers are where I want them, though.

So yeah: The end of an era for one bike, and the beginning of an era for another bike. I’m excited and kind of nervous, since now there’s no going back. Me and this Novara Randonee are going to get to know each other very, very well within the next few months. It feels kinda like moving in with a boyfriend (or girlfriend) you’ve only met a few times.

And I have to include a shout-out to Oregon Bike Shop, who got the upgrades done on the Novara in record time. They’ve been our neighborhood bike shop for the time that Shawn and I have lived in Montavilla, and Jim and Sue have been so great to both of us!

In Other News: My youngest brother decided to buy a new bike, and bought a Giant brand road bike! I know next to nothing about most road bikes, but he’s happy with it, and that’s what matters. I tried to ride it a little (we have disturbingly similar length legs, considering he’s several inches taller than me), but it felt so twitchy! I guess I’ve never ridden a “modern” road bike, because I never really knew what people meant by “twitchy” before. This bike? Was twitchy. Maybe it was the riser handlebars, but the front wheel was really wobbly at slow speeds and it just generally felt like the bike was trying to wiggle out from under me. To be fair, I didn’t try to ride it very far. But me and my brother and his girlfriend took our bikes out to Waterfront Park and the Eastside Esplanade and rode the Springwater to Oaks Park before turning back, and it was a lovely way to spend a warm sunny evening.

Lastly! Perhaps, perchance, you’d like to monetarily help out Shawn and I on our Big Trip? Shawn and I have set up an IndieGoGo site through which you can donate money. Did you know we plan to write a book? Depending on how much money you give us, we’ll put your name in it, and/or send you a postcard, and/or the book. And if you’re super-generous Shawn will draw you a picture. I dunno if you know, but he does neat art.

I know there are tons of worthy places to give money, so no pressure! But if you want to throw us a few bucks, it’ll really help.

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  1. Keven Hernan says:

    This is really something that I would like to promote, I see young talent when I see it. I am more than happy to help April.

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