a few short notes

My brother doesn’t think he’s going to keep the Miyata. Doesn’t like the mustache handlebars or downtube shifters. Alas.

I finally got around to taking my Novara Randonee down the street to my local bike shop. By the end of the week it will have Salsa Woodchipper handlebars, bar-end shifters, and both front and rear derailers, just in time for a weekend trip with friends! It’ll be my first time riding that bike any real distance at all, so here’s hoping. And I’ll still have a couple weeks to mess around if I decide I don’t like something in the setup.

Lastly, if for some reason you want to buy me stuff for The Big Trip, I have a wish list through REI! And Shawn and I should have our Indie-A-Go-Go site up within the next day or so, I’ll let you know.

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8 Responses to a few short notes

  1. Janice in GA says:

    I’ll really be interested in what you think of the upgrades to the Randonee!

  2. MelissaTheRagamuffin says:

    I Googled the Randonee – it looks like a really sweet bike. I just inherited a little money, so I invested in a Surly LHT. I think the frame is a little bit big (only an inch clearance between my crotch and the top tube), but they said because I’m putting mustache bars on it that I would be really cramped up with the next size down.

    • MelissaTheRagamuffin says:

      Oh and I’m sorry it didn’t work out between your brother and the Miyata. Did you tell him he can change the handle bars?

      • Yeah, but by the time he paid me for the bike and then swapped out all the stuff he didn’t like, he could just buy another bike that better suits him. Which he did!

    • The mustache bars were great on the Miyata because it was slightly too big for me. So I can see why they’d say that!

      I’ll probably get an LHT someday myself! Unless the Novara turns out to be perfect or something. Mine’s a 1995!

      • MelissaTheRagamuffin says:

        They had to special order my bars because I didn’t want my brake levers in the place they normally go on a mustache bar, so they had to order one with less curve in it. I want my brake levers near where my hands are most likely to be.

      • Ooh, I’d love to see a picture when it’s all set up.

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