an observation

The Belmont branch of the Multnomah County Library has two bike racks. Here they are:

(yep, that’s my Miyata)

(and there were more locked to other things like street parking signs, that aren’t in the picture)

One of them is next to the parking lot and two major roads (SE Cesar Chavez and SE Belmont). The other one is next to a residential road that’s a city-designated bike route. There’s even a Benson Bubbler and a crossing-signal button near the corner, easily accessible while on a bicycle.

Guess which one is which? Ha!

I swear, I think there are cyclists who don’t realize there’s another perfectly good rack, that’s almost always empty, right on the other side of the library. Oh well. More room for me.

Thank goodness for the nice weather today. We have had one of the coldest wettest springs I can remember. We’re usually having some nicer days in the 60’s (F) by now, and today was the first one that I can remember. Sheesh.

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