Awesome bike shops

It’s worth it to form a relationship with a local bike shop. Things bike shops have done for me:

Given me a discount.

Let me ride home an expensive tire with the promise to pay for it after my payday.

And today, I forgot my lock, so I went to Clever Cycles (the closest shop when I realized this) figuring I’d get one of the Knog cable locks, since I was thinking of getting one anyway to lock my rear wheel to my frame, and I didn’t have time to go home and get my U-lock. Turns out they don’t sell the Knog cable locks (I paraphrase: “We don’t sell that kind of crap.”) but they loaned me a nicer lock for the day, an Abus. It uses a combination, not a key. And it worked out perfectly, as I’ll be in that part of town again tomorrow to return it!

What awesome thing has a bike shop done for you?

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1 Response to Awesome bike shops

  1. darlingmakedo says:

    Clever Cycles happened to give us a 2 for 1 deal on our new BoBike seats, as they were apparently collecting dust in the basement…(they had decided not to sell that model in the shop) We go there A LOT. I also scored my LOVELY Workcycles Secret Service step-through through them USED (a rental) for $900. My dream bike! If you dream it…
    We love them and have made Clever Cycles our bike shop home since they opened their doors. SO yea, much bike love in their direction!

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