Do all couples do this?

Shawn and I are both working on bikes today; he’s working on his Raleigh Wayfarer with our friend Keith who is visiting from the Great White North. I’m going down the street to work on the Novara at the Oregon Bike Shop.

Earlier, Shawn noticed we were dressed similarly too: Darn Tough wool socks (mine are striped, his are argyle), dark pants, a wool base layer shirt, and a t-shirt with a bike on the front (mine is from the 2007 Tour de Fat by New Belgium Brewery, his is from the 2009 LA Bike Summit). Oh, for Pete’s sake.

In other news, I’ve figured out how I want to deal with the fact that I hate the Novara’s visual design: I’m going to cover it in stickers, a bit at a time. It’ll eventually make the bike look janky, but I’ve been told that “personalizing” a bike makes it resistant to theft. A bike covered in stickers/fake fur/yarn/reflective tape/etc. is a bike that is easily identified.

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