You don’t need a lady’s bicycle to wear a skirt

The title says it all here, folks. There’s a short list of things that make me cranky in the cycling world (calling mixtes “women’s” bikes, people with their saddle too low, squeaky chains), and one of them is the idea that you have to have a step-through frame to ride in a dress, because it’s just not true!

As a matter of fact, riding a diamond-frame bicycle can help keep your skirt out of your brakes and spokes by being held up out of the way a little by the top tube.

Obviously a tight pencil skirt won’t work. But I’ve worn the most ridiculous clothes on a non-lady’s bike and been fine.

Examples! (all photos taken by friends and posted to flickr, click the pictures to go to their flickr pages)(most pictures taken on themed rides)

April in her Japanese frock

Bunny on a Bike Ride 4.4.2010


April Pirate Pose

There are more if only I could find them!

Hints on riding in a skirt:

*If you wear a petticoat, the fluff seems to keep the skirt out of the rear spokes/brakes
*Every time your butt comes off the saddle for any reason, slide your hand over your backside before getting back on, so you don’t end up sitting on weirdly bunched-up clothes. Also helps prevent you from flashing people if your skirt is shorter.
*If you are, indeed, riding a diamond-frame: you need to decide whether you’re going to worry about flashing people when you get on the bike. I’ve decided I’m not worried, because to see my underwear, you’d have to be standing at a very specific angle and looking, and it would only be for a split-second anyway!
*In the summer, riding in a skirt is the best thing ever, but beware that some skirts will ride up enough to possibly flash your undergarments at people. My skirts mostly get right up to that spot but don’t go any higher, which is convenient.
*Skirts are great for covering up bike shorts. Because bike shorts do indeed make long rides comfier, but jesus are they ugly.

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2 Responses to You don’t need a lady’s bicycle to wear a skirt

  1. adventure! says:

    You know what makes me cranky? The mis-use of the term “cruiser” when people sell bikes on Craigslist. A step-through frame does not equal cruiser, folks. Upright handlebars do not equal cruiser. Figure it out.

    • Leonard says:

      This sounds like an excellent project: a tight definition of *** Cruiser***.

      I find the word used lightly and widely and these days don’t really know what it really means.

      I think we can all agree that a 1948 Schwinn Hornet is a Cruiser. But I have also seen an A.N.T. Light Roadster Delux referred to as a Cruiser. If the later machine IS a cruiser, what do the two have in common that they would belong to the same class?

      Sometimes it feels that a Cruiser simply means a heavy bike.

      How about European military bikes? I have a 1936 German Torpedo, a civilian version of the bikes used by the German Army at that time. It and others of it’s ilke, Swedish and Swiss for instance, seem to fulfill the criteria of a Cruiser, but I have never seen one referred to as a Cruiser.

      (The Torpedo has big skirt fenders, drop handle bars, rather fancy lug work, and a baggage rack over the back wheel that weighs nearly as much as some modern racing bikes. It weighs 48 lbs. altogether in full drag. It also features two gears, but shifting is manual in the 30’s style.)

      Can you offer an exclusive definition of a Cruiser?

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