photo post!

The weather in Portland right now is crap. It’s been below freezing for a few days and now ice pellets are falling from the sky. And there’s been an awful east wind. Brr! Goes right through all my layers.

So today I thought I’d post some photos. These were all taken with my inexpensive cell phone. No great photography or anything, just snapshots of my days.


My new hat! Made by Rainy Peak Cyclery. The colors are off, the hat is navy blue in person. I love this hat because it’s super cute (the picture doesn’t do it justice), and when I put my helmet on over it, the sides come down and keep my ears nice and warm.


What you can see: my arm, one side of my mustache handlebars, the Main St. pedestrian overpass over I-205. What you can’t see: It’s 30F and windy. And there was traffic, I swear, just nothing caught in the frame of the photo.


This is the previously-mentioned Novara. Doesn’t the bike look sad? It’s so pathetic-looking. I need to call around for shops with steel-core tire levers. I’ve popped into a few shops that I’ve happened to pass, no luck yet. Have patience, little bicycle, soon you will be awesome.


Bicycling is not my only obsession–I also knit. While riding the commuter train to my parents’ house on Christmas, I discovered that my helmet works great for keeping my yarn from rolling away. (For my fellow yarn lovers: the yarn is Noro Kureyon, and I’m knitting that scarf everyone knits out of it.) It’s my “autopilot” knitting–something I can knit without paying much attention to it. You can’t read it in this shot, but the padding in the helmet is printed in green with “I love my brain!!” over and over.

I think Nutcase should advertise this as a feature. “Also holds balls of yarn!”

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  1. Leonard says:


    I just bumped into your blog a few days a go and I really like the way you go on….

    I have particularly enjoyed the saga of your bikes and coming to bicycle riding as an adult. The parallels and echos with my own story are many. I too was launched into cycling by a car insurance company. At the age of 19 I thought I would get a drivers license, but the remarks and behavior of a representative of an insurance company let me know in no uncertain terms that he “knew” that I was going to be a big risk for the company (being male and 19) that I would have to expect just as a matter of course sky high insuance rates. I was so offended I called him several names I will not repeat and WALKED OUT. I vowed to manage without a car.

    Now this was in 1964. I bought a Good bike. It was a RALEIGH, it had drop handle bars and 10 speeds. It was sort of metallic golden in color. I learned how to ride it and shift gears on back streets in NW Portland, and then started commuting from downtown (PSU… PSC back then) to the Alberta Park area on a daily basis for four years.

    I had never had a bike before, it was my first. As a child I was not interested in the mini-macho boy’s culture of big phony Schwinns with false gas tanks and little electric horns. How anybody could be nostalgic about those machines is beyond me.

    Now in 1964 there was NO bicycle infrastructure, no bike lanes. I decided early on that I should just fold in with traffic. And that I did, taking main streets at rush hour or at night, making hand signals, obeying all traffic regulations. In four years I never had even a close call or was in a tight spot. Police sometimes tipped their hats to me! I NEVER saw another bicycle commuter.

    Today, I have lived abroad, in Europe, since 1972, have cycled in several cities here, still commute by bicycle, still don’t have a driver’s licence. That creep in the insurence company did me one of the greatest services ever. But Portland (where I was born) is where I learned to cycle and I like to sort of keep contact. I visit about once every 6-8 years, but have never cycled in the “new” Portland.

    I will be following your blog. Thanks again for a nice read.

    BTW: the Raleigh was finally stolen in 1968. I had it chained to a steel no-parking sign on SW Park and Hall. When I came to get it. the bike and the entire no-parking sign were gone. The steel post was cleanly sliced off level with the sidewalk and this was between 12 noon and 3 in broad daylight with the park blocks full of people! (I reported it and the cops LAUGHED!!!) Today I ride a classic Crescent 12-speed racing bike made in 1966, but sometimes I still miss the Raleigh…

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