So I’ve thought of starting a bicycle blog for a while now. Bicycles have been an obsession of mine for the last few years, and I wanted a place where I could talk bicycles, talk about my adventures on bicycles, post photos of my bikes and what I’ve done to them and with them. This is meant to be a blog for my friends and family to see what I’m up to, at least as it pertains to bikes! If other people read it, that would be awesome too, but I’m not expecting anything.

A little bit about me: My name is April, I’m 31, I live in Portland, Oregon; and I ride bicycles for transportation, for travel, and for fun. I rode bicycles as a kid and teenager, and even for a short stint as a young adult when I lost my car insurance. (I’m just going to say: I was a terrible driver. Truly.) I stopped driving in late 2001, and took Tri-Met (the local public transportation system) and walked everywhere until August of 2006, when a friend of mine “loaned” me an old British 3-speed. It was shortly after I’d moved into SE Portland from the westside suburbs I’d lived in for over ten years. Within a year I became a fan of bicycles, started riding almost everywhere, and learned about the bike scene in Portland.

Since then, I’ve gone on many social rides in Portland, going on educational tours and Midnight Mystery Rides and all sorts of strange rides. I’ve ridden my bike naked through Portland six times, with groups of riders ranging in size from 15 or so to several thousand. I’ve gained some of the best friends anyone could have through the local bike community. In February of 2009 I started dating my boyfriend Shawn, and he introduced me to the addicting world of self-supported cycle touring. Together we’ve taken trips as short as an overnight there-and-back to the Columbia River Gorge or Stub Stewart State Park, to trips as long as a nine-day tour of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, and I can’t wait to do more, and longer, tours. I’ve helped friends move house by bicycle, and when Shawn and I moved in together this past April, we each did bicycle moves on consecutive weekends, with over twenty of our friends loading our belongings on trailers and riding five to seven miles.

I hope to keep my entries at least semi-interesting…at least, if you like bicycles.

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2 Responses to Hello?

  1. Kirsty says:

    It would be lovely to hear more about your bike touring experience. With piccies! Kirsty x

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